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Jacob's Reward Fiber Farm Podcast

Thanks for stopping by the Farm! These pods are a little long in the tooth, but we hope you'll enjoy them. And, we haven't given up hope of firing up new casts in the near future.

Jun 15, 2009

Thanks for dropping by for our very first "test" podcast episode. In our inaugural episode, Mary Berry and I give a brief account of our trip to Auxvasse, MO to visit Ann Mayes, and pick up our four new suri alpaca boys, recorded live from the road. Check out these related sites: Mary Berry's Fancy Fibers Ann Mayes' alpaca farm, Alpacas D'Auxvasse:

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almost thirteen years ago

This is a great first podcast!! You guys sound great and I loved how at the end you can hear the suburban\'s motor take off! I can just vision you guys taking off down the road!!! Very cool ending.

almost thirteen years ago

That sounded fantastic, Ladies!!Y\'all are a couple of high tech, alpaca wranglin\', Texas farm girls, on the move! I\'m gonna try not to be jealous...see you soon!

almost thirteen years ago

What a debut! Y\'all just sounded great and I really learned a lot...not that I\'ll ever need to use it but one can dream :) And like Brenda mentioned, the sound of the accelerating engine at the end was just perfect. I\'m sure you planned it that way!