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Jacob's Reward Fiber Farm Podcast

Thanks for stopping by the Farm! These pods are a little long in the tooth, but we hope you'll enjoy them. And, we haven't given up hope of firing up new casts in the near future.

Aug 31, 2009

This week, you and I do morning chores together, look over what's on my needles, and discuss upcoming events here at the farm.  Let's top off our coffee, pull up a chair on the porch and enjoy this incredible weather!  Farm on!

In this show I mention these cool sites: where Jackie has a cool site...

Aug 2, 2009

Another fun sit-down with our friend Mary Berry of  We discuss:

Best Laid Plans- we were supposed to be picking up Mary's new goats,
Weather woes,
Fun at the Feed Store,
Animals waiting all over Texas,
Urbanites detached from the natural cycles and seasons,
Finding balance with the natural rhythm...