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Jacob's Reward Fiber Farm Podcast

Thanks for stopping by the Farm! These pods are a little long in the tooth, but we hope you'll enjoy them. And, we haven't given up hope of firing up new casts in the near future.

Oct 21, 2009

Wow.  I'm still recovering from our incredible party this past weekend!  I want to thank everyone who made it the blast that it was:

George and Sue Merritt, musicians
Gene and Peggy Helmick-Richardson, storytellers
Alta Mantsch, caterer
Emma Telisak,...

Oct 2, 2009

What an incredible fall we have shaping up!  In this episode I detail all the amazing things going on around the farm in the coming weeks:

Fiber Harvest hand delivered by our processor:
Spinderella's Fiber Mill -

"Spinning Yarns" Storytelling Day with great food, live music and old Texas yarns...